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Favorable connection between Mormons and Jewish-Americans


A recent article in the Deseret News has revealed that Jewish Americans are more than twice as favorable towards  Mormons then to evangelical Christians according to a research study in the 2012 Jewish Values Survey conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute.

The article looks at common points that has led to a favorable position between the two religions who have similar size in members. According to the article, both have between 6 and 7 million in the United States and 13-15 million worldwide.

“We suspect that Jews’ warmth toward Mormons stems from solidarity with another group that is small and subject to intolerance,” Putnam and Campbell wrote. “Jews and Mormons are the two American groups most likely to report that other people disparage their religious beliefs. Roughly 15 percent of both Jews and Mormons say that they hear derogatory comments ‘often.’

Out of a 100-point-scale, 100 being most favorable, Jewish Americans rated Mormons at 47 compared to the Christian right who got a 20.9 score. The favorable score is due to in part of the neutrality of the LDS church, who don’t take a stance in politics, meanwhile, the religious right have strongly voiced there opinion in the political sphere in recent years.


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